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 2007 Census Publications

  2007 Census Report

The 2007 Census of Agriculture was taken to obtain agricultural statistics for the nation, every state and every county, or county equivalent. The organization, content and format of this publication are similar to previous Volume 1, Geographic Area Series publications.

Results of the 2007 Census of Agriculture were released February 4, 2009 and updated in December 2009.

coverVolume 1, U.S. Summary and State Reports

A comprehensive summary of agricultural activity is provided for the United States and each of the 50 states. This report includes number of farms by size and type, inventory and values for crops and livestock, operator characteristics and much more.

    U.S. by Table | All States by Table

The complete U.S. report is also available for download
as a single text or pdf file.

    Text | PDF ( 6.58 MB )

For more information on how the Census was conducted or to view the report form,
please use the links below.

    Appendix A - Methodology | Appendix B - General Explanation and Report Form

State and County Reports

These reports follow the same format as the U.S. Summary and State Report but are designed to look at the scope of agricultural activity for each state and their counties, or county equivalent.

    State Level by Table | All Counties by State by Table

Outlying Areas

The comprehensive look at all areas that fall under the umbrella of U.S. agricultural activities. These areas are treated separately to account for their diverse agriculture.

Outlying area reports are available for the following:

  • American Samoa  PDF
  • Guam  PDF
  • Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands  PDF



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