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2014 News Releases

12/23/14  NEWS RELEASE: USDA to Gauge Farmland Ownership and Farm Economics

12/18/14  BLOG: Checking Under the Hood of Michigan’s Agriculture

12/18/14  BLOG: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How Do We Count Thee?

12/11/14  BLOG: A Potato’s Eye on Idaho Agriculture

12/10/14  USDA RADIO: The 2014 USDA Census of Horticultural Specialties is Coming

12/10/14  USDA RADIO: How to Respond to Horticultural Specialties Census

12/10/14  NEWS RELEASE: USDA Conducting 2014 Census of Horticulture

12/04/14  BLOG: Five Cs of Arizona

11/13/14  NEWS RELEASE: USDA Reports 55.3 Million Acres of Irrigated U.S. Farmland

11/07/14  BLOG: Missouri Farmers Bring Agriculture to Local Population

10/30/14  BLOG: Illinois Farmers Have Plenty to Boast About

10/27/14  ASB NOTICE: NASS Announces New Dates for Several Census of Agriculture Reports

10/27/14  NEWS RELEASE: New Web Tool Allows Users to Visualize, Analyze Agriculture Data

10/23/14  BLOG: Arkansas Farming at a Glance

10/16/14  BLOG: Celebrating Old North State Agriculture

10/09/14  BLOG: Texas Agriculture is Bigger in More Ways Than You Might Know

10/02/14  BLOG: Wisconsin Continues Living Up to Dairyland Name

09/30/14  NEWS RELEASE: Organic Farms Connect Consumers with their Food, USDA Agriculture Census Reports

09/29/14  NEWS RELEASE: USDA Releases 2013 Census of Aquaculture Results

09/25/14  BLOG: Agriculture on the Rise in New Hampshire

09/18/14  BLOG: North Dakota Agriculture - One Word - Diversity

09/11/14  BLOG: New Mexico - A Rich Cultural History of Farming and Ranching

09/04/14  BLOG: Painting Utah Agriculture by the Numbers

08/29/14  NEWS RELEASE: New Agriculture Data Released Today for American Indian Reservations

08/21/14  BLOG: The Last Frontier is on the Cutting Edge of On-Farm Technology

08/19/14  NEWS RELEASE: USDA Continues to Seek Input for the 2017 Census of Agriculture

08/14/14  BLOG: Pennsylvania - Not Just Steel and Coal

08/07/14  BLOG: Ohio - Buckeye State by the Numbers

07/31/14  BLOG: New York - A Veritable Dairyland

07/28/14  NEWS RELEASE: Congressional District Profiles from the Agriculture Census Provide New Decision-Making Tools for Leaders

07/24/14  BLOG: 2012 Census - A Snapshot of Peach State Agriculture

07/17/14  BLOG: Maryland - America in Miniature

07/08/14  BLOG: Farming keeps expanding in Massachusetts

06/27/14  NEWS RELEASE: USDA Releases 2012 Puerto Rico Census of Agriculture

06/26/14  BLOG: Sunshine State’s Agriculture Remains Bright

06/24/14  NEWS RELEASE: USDA Invites Suggestions for the 2017 Census of Agriculture

06/19/14  BLOG: Agriculture Remains the Backbone of West Virginia

06/12/14  BLOG: Farming on the Rise in Connecticut

05/29/14  NEWS RELEASE: USDA Publishes Census of Agriculture State and County Profiles

05/29/14  BLOG: Get to Know Alabama Agriculture

05/22/14  BLOG: Agriculture Remains Key to the Garden State

05/15/14  BLOG: Hawaiian Agriculture Remains Unique

05/02/14  STATEMENT: Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Updated 2012 Census of Agriculture Data

05/02/14  NEWS RELEASE: 2012 Census of Agriculture Reveals New Trends in Farming

05/02/14  CENSUS WEBCAST PRESENTATION: 2012 Census of Agriculture Final Results (Data slides)

05/01/14  MEDIA ADVISORY: USDA to Release Final 2012 Census of Agriculture Results on May 2

04/28/14  New Agriculture Census Date Coming May 2

04/17/14  BLOG: A Census Story from Benton County, Mississippi

04/09/14  USDA Announces Release Date for the Final 2012 Census of Agriculture Report

02/27/14  BLOG: USDA Then and Now: Part IV

02/25/14  USDA RADIO: Vilsack’s Take on the Census of Agriculture

02/25/14  USDA RADIO: Agriculture USDA - The First Look at 2012 Census of Agriculture Results

02/21/14  USDA RADIO: Analyzing the 2012 Census of Ag Preliminary Numbers  This item is currently unavailable

02/21/14  USDA RADIO: Young Farmers Needed to Fill the “Donut Hole” This item is currently unavailable

02/21/14  USDA YouTube: This Week @USDA February 21

02/21/14  SECRETARY’S COLUMN: Census of Agriculture Results Tell Story of Unlimited Potential in Rural America

02/20/14  USDA RADIO: Wanted – More Young Farmers

02/20/14  USDA RADIO: What to Make of Fewer Replies to 2012 Census of Ag

02/20/14  USDA RADIO: Takeaways from Preliminary Census of Ag Data

02/20/14  STATEMENT: Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on the 2012 Census of Agriculture Preliminary Results

02/20/14  CENSUS PRESENTATION: 2012 Census of Agriculture Preliminary Release

02/20/14  2012 Census of Agriculture Preliminary Results Show Growing Farm Economy (CORRECTED)

02/06/14  BLOG: How Does Ag Census Work

02/06/14  USDA to Release Census of Agriculture Data on February 20

01/16/14  USDA Reminds Producers to Return their Census of Aquaculture Forms



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