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2012 Census Report Forms and Instructions

The following are samples of the report forms and the report form guide for the 2012 Census of Agriculture.

Report Form Guide

Region 7  2012 Census Report Form Guide

Instruction Sheets

Regions 1 - 6 Instruction Sheets

Hawaii, Region 7, Instruction Sheet

Report Forms

To view a sample of the report form for your state, select your region from the list below.

Region 7 Region 5 Region 4 Region 6 Region 3 Region 1 Region 2 Region 7

Region 1 (Form 12-A101)
Region 2 (Form 12-A102)
Region 3 (Form 12-A103)
Region 4 (Form 12-A104)
Region 5 (Form 12-A105)
Region 6 (Form12-A106)
Region 7 (Form 12-A107)
Puerto Rico - Spanish (Form 12-A101PR)
Puerto Rico - English (Form 12-A1PR)


Last Modified: 12/06/2017