Are you a farmer or rancher?

NASS is conducting a short survey to help ensure you are counted in the 2017 Census of Agriculture. Learn more about NACS today.
USDA Conducts Organic Agriculture Survey

NASS will survey all known organic farmers early next year to gather the latest data on organic agriculture. Find out all the details and more.
2014 Census of Horticulture Underway

Growers should be on the lookout for their survey form in the mail. Learn more today and find out what you need to know to respond.
Montana Agriculture Keeps Growing

Montana’s total market value of agricultural products sold per farm was $151,031; which was up 59 percent from the previous Census of Agriculture in 2007.
Quick Stats Tutorial Video.

Finding the agricultural data you need is simple! Quick Stats is the easy-to-use database to help you find ag survey and census data quickly. Watch how easy it is to get started.

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