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What’s your Census Story?


The Census of Agriculture illustrates the power of data. Information from the Census helps to shape many local, state and national farm services, programs and policies. Join others in the ag community and tell your story of how the Census benefits you, your industry and your community.

Your Census. Your Story. is an easy way to speak up about the value of Census data and agriculture as a whole. Share your story by answering a few questions below. It’s Your Census. Your Story.


How have agricultural and rural programs enhanced your quality of life?
(Please provide examples of specific services, programs or policies that have helped you.) What is important to you and how does the Census of Agriculture support that? How do you use data from the Census of Agriculture?

Name: (Leave blank if you would like to remain anonymous)

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Involvement in Agriculture:
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Your story may be posted online or shared to help others understand the importance of Census data. Only provide your name if you would like it to be included with your story.